High Temperature Sensors



he rotary kiln carcass is supported by the wheel belt to turn on the supporting wheel. Because the thermal expansion rate and rigidity of the kiln carcass and the wheel belt are different, the inner diameter of the wheel belt is larger than the outer diameter of the kiln carcass. When the rotary kiln rotates, relative slip will occur between the wheel belt and the contact surface of the kiln's carcass pad. When the slip amount is abnormal, the contact surface will become stuck or slip.

The rotary kiln process is complicated, the carcass temperature is high, the load is large, the speed is fast, the operation time because of the tilt installation, the force condition, the thermal deformation and the chemical erosion and other kinds of factors, when the belt gap often seriously affects the rotary kiln safe operation and even damages the carcass. GS series infrared on-line monitoring system can provide monitoring function of rotary kiln wheel slip according to user demand, which can be used to monitor the relative slip of rotary kiln wheel and rotary kiln body when rotary kiln is rotating.

Technical parameters:

Model number: GS - TS02

Power supply: 220VAC/2A

Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ 240℃

Ambient humidity: ≤90%

Protection class: IP67



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